Our Year

Each month outside the summer and winter breaks we usually meet twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday's. On the 2nd Tuesday we arrange a fun a event. The 4th Tuesday is our business meetings. We currently hold our business meetings in the Commodore Hotel.
As well as these Tuesday events, we have number of community and social events over the year. Our calendar generally looks pretty much like this;
  • AGM

    The first meeting of the year. Our old chariman is dumped on the scrapheap and a new chairman is appointed and new office bearers are nominated, proposed and confirmed. Like all business meetings, we have a 3 course meal and a few refreshments. This is the only meeting of the year where a dress code (sort of) applies.

  • Petanque Grudge Match

    It’s a tradition that the ex-tablers and the current tablers meet at the start of each summer for a petanque tournament. We have no idea why. But we eat mixed grill and drink beer. And one of these years the young men will win.

  • Chairman's BBQ

    A summer BBQ for tablers and their families, this event is not to be missed!

  • Fireworks and Bonfire Night

    Helensburgh Fireworks night is a great tradition and thousands of people can take part each year. The Fireworks convener leads the organisation for the night and everybody gets involved.

  • Santa Dash

    Now a part of the Winterfest, the Santa Dash is still run by the Round Table and all money raised is donated to good causes. The Santa Dash convener, ahem, Chief Elf runs the show with help from the rest of the team.

  • Christmas Night Out

    Sometime in December, we will have a dinner and drinks night out. Partners are invited!

  • Burns Night

    Near to the end of January we will host our burns night. The evening usually has some entertaining speakers, a bit of burns poetry and a ceilidh! This is open to members, partners, ex-members, friends and people we’ve just met.

  • Helensburgh Beer & Gin Festival

    Our main fundraising event of the year. This takes a lot of organising and hard work over the festoval weekend. But this also raises more money for good causes that any other event. We also make sure to have an after -party on one the nights so we get to have fun too! Our Festival Chief takes charge, with an understudy each year so we can pass our learning onto the next chief!